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After being checked in our paint shop, the paperwork is returned to the office and at that time an installation date can be arranged. Your Glass Splashbacks are installed using double sided tape, the perimeter sealed with silicon to prevent moisture or chemical intrusion. At the time of installation the wall surface should be dry, benches and access for the installers made clear. The Glass Splashback should left for at least 24hrs before touching to allow silicon to set.
The processing of Focus Glass Splashbacks involve numerous stages. First the glass is cut to a blank the size of the splashback, it is then machine edge polished to create a small aris. After cleaning it is sent to the waterjet cutter which has been programmed to cut out power points, side cut outs, notches for downlights and holes for fixing the rangehood and utensil rails etc. Areas such as corner cotouts are then hand polished. All of the above manufacturing is done in house. At this stage we can also if required, introduce textures or graphics to the glass by slumping in a large kiln at high temperature to give added dimention.The completed Glass Splashback is taken to a toughening furnace to be made into safety glass. This is done by by rapidly heating and cooling the surface of the glass. On it's return to our factory the Glass Splashback is spotstuck with a clear plastic layer to protect the front surface before being spraypainted.
Focus Glass designs has a vast range of standard colours. Some are painted on Clearfloat Glass (green tinge) and some are painted on Low Iron Glass (clearer glass).Our specialist paint system allows us to colour match most colours. If colour matching, the splashback will be made in low iron glass. Remember it is Low Iron not No Iron as all glass has some colour. Therefore when colour matching a colour swatch, it is important to note that this swatch is printed colour on card. Matching colour then has to be painted on the back of glass, which has some colour in it. Dependant on the colour, it is usual for the finish colour to be darker.
Glass batches vary in iron content and although this does not overly affect most colours, splashbacks painted white on Clearfloat an be affected by the depth of green in the raw material. antique white or similar beiges tend to through green hue even when sprayed on the clearest glass available. We strongly suggest you recommend to clients that they come to the showroom to see the larger sample in this case
The glass colour samples provided to you are indicative of the colour only. In the small piece.
Our showroom is equipped with large samples of all colours. If at all possible, a trip to our showroom can prove beneficial yo your clients. A sample of a matched colour can be produced for a nominal cost.
Due to nature of the product and the exacting tolerances we work to, measuring can only take place after the completion of the kitchen including benchtops overheads and fittingsDepending on the type of rangehood, this should be installed. In the case where glass is required behind the rangehood, the range hood should be installed then removed to expose fixing holes for measuring. Power points should be in place or electrical wire indicating position of power points visible. Utensil rails also should be installed and removed prior to measure. Standard glass sheet sizes, toughening restrictions and access dictate the lengths and height of glass splashbacks. If a join is necessary, the measurer will be able to discuss with the clients the most appropriate outcome. Should you be unsure of these restrictions when designing for your clients, please feel free to fax/email over a drawing to be assessed. Our measurer will be able to discuss the surface preparation for the Glass Splashback this is generally removed of any prominent protrusions or variation in the surface height.
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