Glass Splashbacks
The processing of Focus Glass Splashbacks involve numerous stages. First the glass is cut to a blank the size of the splashback, it is then machine edge polished to create a small aris. After cleaning it is sent to the waterjet cutter which has been programmed to cut out power points, side cut outs, notches for downlights and holes for fixing the rangehood and utensil rails etc. Areas such as corner cotouts are then hand polished. All of the above manufacturing is done in house.
At this stage we can also if required, introduce textures or graphics to the glass by slumping in a large kiln at high temperature to give added dimention.
The completed Glass Splashback is taken to a toughening furnace to be made into safety glass. This is done by by rapidly heating and cooling the surface of the glass. On it's return to our factory the Glass Splashback is spotstuck with a clear plastic layer to protect the front surface before being spraypainted.
focusglassdesigns007004.gif focusglassdesigns007003.gif focusglassdesigns007002.gif focusglassdesigns007001.gif